azealia banks

Pearson Sound, Lone, Boddika & More Feature On Azealia Banks’ Debut Album

A host of familiar faces have got beats featured on the American rapper’s long delayed album – finally released last week.

Bursting on to the scene in 2011 with instant club hit, ‘212’, Azealia Banks looked to be a shot in the arm for a stagnating Hip Hop scene: a foul mouthed and sassy young female MC with an ear for a killer beat. Its safe to say however that things didn’t quite go to plan from that point. Endless bickering with her label Universal and a string of high profile spats with half the known Twitterverse displayed a dangerously self-destructive streak that made it seem as if ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’, her debut record announced in 2012, would never come out. That was until last week, when Banks self released her debut album on to iTunes and Spotify with little warning whatsoever.

The record has been roundly praised and Banks now seems poised to challenge inexplicably popular Aussie-rapper Iggy Azalea for pole position as the mainstream’s most popular female rapper – an undoubtedly joyous bit of news for people with ears everywhere. What’s of particular interest about ‘Broke With Exepnsive Taste’ howver – to us at least, are the beats. Banks is evidently a fan of ‘Bass’ music from the UK and beyond, with beats on the album produced by the likes of Pearson Sound, Lone, Boddika, MJ Cole and Machinedrum. Not that these beats were commissioned especially for the album – fans of Pearson Sound will likely recognise 2009’s ‘WAD’ as the backdrop to Banks’ ‘Idle Delilah‘, whilst Lone’s ‘Coreshine Voodoo’ – out in 2011, is rapped over on ‘Miss Amor‘. The Nottingham based producer’s ‘Rapid Racer’ features on ‘Miss Camaraderie‘, whilst Boddika’s early track ‘Breezin‘ is the beat to ‘JFK‘. With lyrics that generally match up to the quality production and attitude to burn, it would appear ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ was worth the wait.

‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ is out now, buy it here.