Off-Bloc With The Weeknd, Venus Williams, Flying Lotus, Actress And More

Bloc 2012 cancellation sparks a series of last-minute London parties as promoters pick up the pieces of Friday nights disaster at London Pleasure Gardens.

As reported by Fact , Saturday evening turned out to be a night to remember, with a number of last-minute events being arranged to capitalize on the wealth of talent in London without a booking following the controlled closure of Bloc Weekend.

Peckham Palais played host to Jacques Greene, Actress and Martyn, whilst XOYO saw Factory Floor, Oneman and Oneohtrix Point Never grace their stage. Elsewhere in Peckham, Plex took over the Bussey Building with the mouth-watering techno of Surgeon, Objekt, Perc and Truss.

Heading Eastwards, Tempo Clash were at the Star of Bethnall Green with Slugabed, Blue Daisy, Kidkanevil, and My Panda Shall Fly. Promoters Streets of Beige and Oscillate Wildly linked up with Hyperdub to present Kode 9, Cooly G, Scratcha DVA, Ill Blu, LV, Ikonika and Bok Bok to the Rhythm Factory.

The biggest surprise of the night came in the form of two impromptu appearances from The Weeknd, playing alongside none other than Flying Lotus at both XOYO and Rhythm Factory. Venus Williams was also spotted at the XOYO celebrating her Wimbledon doubles championship win earlier that day.

Watch a short video of The Weeknd performing alongside Flying Lotus at XOYO below.