No Hats No Hoods Release Lil Nasty ‘Nasty By Nature’

This week legendary Nasty Crew member and East London mc Lil Nasty releases the the title track from his debut album on No Hats No Hoods.

Produced by none other than Rinse’s Breakfast show host Scratcha DVA, ‘Nasty By Nature’ is straight up no frills grime, featuring some weighty low end and a string of deadly verses from Lil Nasty, which sees the youngest member of the Nasty fam (older brothers include Griminal, Marcus Nasty and Mac10) including some not too positive references to former Nasty member Kano.

There are rumours that both Lil Nasty and Griminal have been picked up by a major label, so expect an album in mid-2011.

‘Nasty By Nature’ is out now on No Hats No Hoods.