Nick Höppner Reveals Debut Album For Ostgut Ton

The longtime Panorama Bar resident will release ‘Folk’ via Ostgut Ton in March.

Until 2012 Nick Höppner was the manager of Berghain’s in-house label, Ostgut Ton. Today he has announced his debut sole LP – ‘Folk’. The record is said to have been recorded in one sitting, more accessible than his previous work although there are “more dramatic and gloomy moments on it.” It also features heavy processed experiments with his own voice.

“I decided to call my album Folk because I feel that we all work with a sonic vocabulary that was developed by a relatively small set of pioneers 20 or 30 years ago, that took their cues from disco which was influenced by R&B, Funk, Soul, etc, down to the most primal ritualism of tribal drums,” said Höppner. “I also call this ‘folk’ as the blueprint of this music was laid out on what were originally cheap instruments from a dusty thrift store—in 1985, the TB-303 was the equivalent of a worn out acoustic guitar. Today this is reflected by the immense and accessible power of creation found in a $500 laptop running a crack of Reason or Ableton.”

Remixes will follow in the summer and he will contribute a track to the ten-year anniversary compilation on Ostgut Ton before hopefully closing the year with an EP.

Höppner has released on Ostgut, Kompakt & liebe*detail in the past as well as contributing to an LP as part of the now-defunct My My project in 2006.

‘Folk’ will arrive on vinyl, CD and digital formats on March 30th. Launch parties will be held in London (April 11th, Corsica Studios), Berlin (March 22nd, Panorama Bar), and Lyon (April 19th, Le Sucre).

A1 Come Closer
A2 Paws
B1 Mirror Image
B2 Rising Overheads
C1 Grind Show
C2 Out Of
C3 Airway Management
D1 Relate
D2 No Stealing

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