New York Collector Owns Over 40,000 LPs

The vast assortment of records aren’t the only items he’s been collecting.

Vinyl sales have seen a resurgence in recent years – events such as Record Store Day have breathed new life into the vinyl market, particularly for one-off pressings and reissues that contain exclusive features for enthusiasts to fawn over. Rare and obscure records can fetch thousands on Ebay – like an out of print record from a hardcore band that recently broke the record for most expensive vinyl on Discogs. Even recently released records can go for a considerable amount,  like the out of print MssingNo EP from 2013 that recently went for £112 on Ebay.

Some are content with a few hundred records in their collection – no mean feat with the large financial and storage commitments that come with it. But New York resident Eric Edwards has smashed all previous notions of a ‘serious collector’ by revealing he owns over 40,000 LPs as well as a significant number of 45s.

The epic set of vinyl he’s amassed in his time as a collector is just one feature within his flat in Brooklyn. Alongside the record collection sits an abundace of vintage audio equipment, comic books, autographs, toy trains and baseball cards – as well as a stunning assortment of over 1,600 rare African artefacts he’s collected over the past 40 years. The impressive collection is worth an estimated $10 million and includes pieces spanning from all 54 countries of Africa. Edwards, a former executive, has plans to open the Cultural Museum Of African Art in Brooklyn next year.

A new documentary titled ‘The Collector’, shot by New York filmmaker Mark Zemel tells the story of Eric Edwards and his collection. Watch the short film below.

Via The Vinyl Factory