New Exhibition Looks At Soho’s Golden Age Of Record Stores

Take in the story of one of London’s most important musical hubs. 

Once a hotspot for vinyl lovers and live music enthusiasts alike, the central London neighborhood of Soho’s record stores have fallen on somewhat hard times recently – with the most recent example of this worrying trend being the closure of BM Soho (pictured above) in February. With Record Store Day 2015 set to fill the streets of central London next Saturday 18th April, a new exhibition at 2 Berwick St aims to capture the area’s halcyon days. Simply titled, ‘Record shops of Soho from 1946 to 1996’, the exhibition will tell the story of the 120 or so retail outlets that called the area home during that time period. Beginning today and running until 20th April, the exhibition – a joint venture from The British Record Shop Archive and the Museum of Soho, will chronicle the role these stores played in, “the development of many musical genres and fashions and in turn exported our youth culture to the world”.

Usin a mixture of, “…photographs, film and personal accounts from the people who went to, worked at and were part of this golden age of vinyl”, the exhibition will set out to not only relive this Golden Age, but also call on the public to become involved in the local scene’s, “curation and preservation”. You can see a map of Soho’s Record Stores below, whilst you can find out more about the exhibtion here.

record stores soho

‘Record shops of Soho from 1946 to 1996’ will be held at 2 Berwick St, W1F ODR from 10th to 20th April, 10.00 to 19.00 each day. Find out more here.