New Book Looks Back At Huddersfield’s Soundsystem Culture

The recently published book looks into the surprising and pivotal role the West Yorkshire town played in the development of UK Soundsystem Culture. 

Entitled ‘Soundsystem Culture: Celebrating Huddersfield’s Soundsystems’, the book traces the development of the scene from the arrival of Jamaican immigrants post World War Two, up to the 1970’s and 1980’s, when the town was, as the book’s designer and publisher Al Newman puts it, “…the soundsystem capital of Northern England”. Part of local historian and soundsystem afficionado Mandeep Samra’s Soundsystem Culture project, the main text of the book was written by Paul Huxtable, who operates Axis sound system out of Huddersfield, and hand-makes valve amplifiers under the name Valv-a-tron.

Speaking on the book Samra says, “If you came to Huddersfield now you would never think it was once home to a thriving sound system scene. I felt it was important to document the stories of the people involved and to capture some of the magic of the past before it was lost forever. Watching elders look through the book now, I see that magic coming back to them and feel happy that those stories have finally been recorded, and that Huddersfield is back on the sound system map.

Taking an interesting look a part of British history that has hitherto been largely overlooked, the book features some amazing photography-as well as plenty of juicy details to keep audiophiles happy.

You can check out some photos from the book below, whilst you can grab a copy here and check out the projects Tumblr page here

Huddersfield Soundsystem

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