New Audio Device ‘The Vamp’ Revitalises Passive Speakers

A new portable device allows users to breathe new life into their unused speakers.

In an era where many audiophiles balance an interest in boundary-pushing technology with an affection for the sonic qualities of vintage audiowear and vinyl, a new creation from London designer Paul Cocksedge appears to tick both boxes. ‘The Vamp’ is a small, portable device that can be connected to any passive speaker with a two-way jack or standard speaker wires, allowing it to stream music from bluetooth devices within a ten metre range. It can be attached via a foam pad or magnet and has a battery life of ten hours, rechargeable via USB port of mains electricity.

The concept is being supported by a Kickstarter campaign, where backers can donate a chosen sum of money to the project – head here to find out more or check out the video below. You pick up ‘The Vamp’ for the modest sum of £35.