New artist Ling debuts on Visionist and PAN’s label, Codes

The young Liverpool producer’s Attachment EP is coming out on Codes, a joint project between Visionist and PAN.

Made in summer 2015, Ling’s stunning EP is built around field and browser recordings collected from over the last four years. Adopting something of a magpie approach, he uses them as the basis for his own hybrid constructions. From whirring machinery to glassy 4AM synths to clanking assembly lines, it’s a resolutely abstract affair, occasionally bridging the gap into clubland.

Artwork comes courtesy of PWR Studio and PAN’s very own Bill Kouligas.

Below you can stream ’44 Blue’, the first track to be let loose from the EP:

Attachment is out Feb 5 on Codes.


A1) Thuril Whir

A2) 44 Blue

B1) Jezmonite

B2) Canthem