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New 130 Page Book About J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’ To Be Released

33 1/3 Books are to release a new book about the late J Dilla’s legendary ‘Donuts’ album.

Written by author Jordan Ferguson, who wrote the monograph contained in the liner notes for the LP, the book is to be simply titled ‘J Dilla’s Donuts’. Featuring interviews with a wide range of figures associated with the making of the album, including Stones Throw’s Peanut Butter Wolf, Jeff Jank and Eothen Alapatt, the book promises to shine a light not only on the making of the album, but also Dilla’s career as a whole. The jacket notes of the book describe how Ferguson intends to explore the, ‘contradictory, irascible and confrontational music on ‘Donuts”.

‘Donuts’ was Dilla’s final album, released mere days before his death in 2006 following a lengthy battle with the degenerative condition Lupus. Instantly lauded as a masterpiece, the sample heavy beat tape has gone on to inspire countless rappers, producers, musicians and artists alike. Released on April 24th, Jordan Ferguson’s book promises to be a thorough exploration of a record many people regard as a classic. You can pre-order it here.