NA (Daniel Pineda) of Nguzunguzu announces new Fade To Mind EP

One half of Nguzunguzu announces his second solo EP – stream track ‘Cellar Theme’ now.

NA, aka Daniel Pineda of Fade To Mind duo Nguzunguzu, has announced the follow up to his first solo record – 2013’s Xtreme Tremble – with the Cellar EP, out March 2.

Whilst Nguzunguzu haven’t released on Fade To Mind since Skycell in 2013, NA and fellow member MA (Asma Maroof) released the first LP of their collaborative Future Brown project with J-Cush and Fatima Al Qadiri (who announced her latest album yesterday), last year.

Cellar will see Pineda continue to experiment with weighty, metallic dance floor sounds that are described as part of his “vision of club music for darker times”. According to the press release: “Thematically, each track is imagined as a different room in a dungeon complex with its own distinct challenges and dangers to dismantle. Evoking both pain and pleasure, each discovery may lead to a new wonder, or descends into a fresh horror. “

You can stream ‘Cellar Theme’ below, a cavernous club track filled with booming low end and frantic percussive assaults.

Cellar is out March 2 on Fade To Mind. Pre-order here.

Cellar tracklist:

01. Cellar Theme
02. Brass Claim
03. Menace
04. Definite Sentence
05. NA In A Mood