i love kuduro

Music Doc ‘I Love Kuduro’ To Premiere At Film Africa Festival

The Royal African Society’s annual film festival returns at the end of the month with a diverse program and numerous accompanying events. 

The ‘I Love Kuduro‘ documentary receives its UK premiere at Hackney Picturehouse on the 8th November. Kuduro music (which literally means ‘hard ass’, originated in Luanda, Angola in the late 80s. Its uptempo, danceable style has gained the genre a worldwide fanbase. ‘I Love Kuduro’ follows a few modern stars of the scene, as they influence a new generation of Angolan talent.

Other noteworthy films with a musical slant include the London premiere of ‘Hear Me Move‘ on the 7th, a film telling the story of a young South African man coming into his own through Sbujwa street dance, and the UK premiere of ‘100% Dakar – More Than Art‘ on the 4th, a documentary on the capital of Senegal’s creative art scene. Both screenings are at Hackney Picturehouse and are followed by Q&A’s with the films’ respective choreographer and producer.

Finally, the London premiere of ‘Future Sound of Mzansi‘ takes place on the 8th (before ‘I Love Kuduro’). The screening is part of the ‘South Africa at 20: The Freedom Tour’, marking the 20 year anniversary of freedom and democracy in South Africa. The documentary explores the country’s burgeoning electronic music scene, presented by the internationally acclaimed artist Spoek Mathambo and featuring an array of DJs and producers including Aero Manyelo and Black Coffee. Following the screening of both music documentaries, the festival’s closing party takes place – bringing the ten day event to a close. It will feature London-based South African DJ, producer and creative director Remi Kabaka and DJ Ketchup, straight from Angola.

More information on the festival (as well as links to tickets) can be found on the official website.