Somethin Bout Packshot

Moshi Moshi To Release New Hot City EPs

Hot City are back with a series of three EPs on Moshi Moshi.

Unknown To The Unknown boss, DJ Haus, teams up with Benz, together called Hot City, in three new EPs; starting with ‘Something Bout’ on May 14. This first four-track EP includes three originals and a Benz remix of the title track.

A 4×4 template, quick breakdowns and UKG style sampling run the whole EP making it ideal for DJs and for the dancefloor. Not an EP that tries to do anything particularly fancy, instead it just effectively draws simple influences from house and garage alike in creating four catchy, hybrid grooves.

See artwork, and see tracklisting below.

‘Something Bout’ EP Tracklisting:
1. Something Bout
2. 4 U
3. Something Bout (Benz Remix)
4. Feel Dis Ting