morris cowan

Morris Cowan Returns With ‘Six Degrees’

Morris Cowan has released his sophomore album on Nottingham-based label Wigflex.

The LP, entitled ‘Six Degrees’, encompasses a whole range of styles, with Cowan emphasising his own roots in progressive post-rock and intertwining them with the sounds of more contemporary house and techno. Expansive and forward thinking, Six Degrees has been 4 years in the works for Cowan, utilising all of the new techniques and influences he’s picked up in his artistic evolution.

From the astral chords and soothing sensitivity of opener ‘Forum’, through to the skittering breakbeat of frantic pseudo-junglist stomper ‘At Sixes…’, the Nottingham stalwart shows his chameleon-like nature as a producer, exploring a whole array of different genres and textures to create an album of immersive electronica. Despite this variety, Cowan manages to form a cohesive narrative, with his own distinct production style binding the composition together and avoiding the pitfalls of becoming a shapeless mess of sounds.

The album is available now direct from
Bandcamp in digital, cassette and CD formats.