Mixcloud Celebrates Five Years

The mix streaming platform has reached its half decade milestone.

Launched in 2009, Mixcloud has grown into one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world (and the home of our official Hyp mix series). Over 650,000 users have uploaded more than six million shows – with the site now averaging more than 12 million monthly users. Last month saw a record breaking 200,000 shows uploaded – each one with an average of 45 minutes in length, meaning that there is an average of four hours of content being put on to Mixcloud every minute.

Explaining the reasons for Mixcloud’s enduring success, co-founder Nico Perez pointed to its uniquenes.”Many other services rely on algorithm-based music recommendations, whilst we believe that human curators are much better at identifying great new music, connecting the dots and adding a flavor of personality. We have grown efficiently because our listeners are loyal to personalities and brands, not algorithms”.

To celebrate their birthday, Mixcloud are tracking the growth of their home page design here.