Metalheadz Celebrate 100th Release

Pioneering jungle label hits a century with new work from label head Goldie.

One of the UK’s greatest bass music labels, Goldie’s Metalheadz, is set to reach its 100th release this April, which will take the shape of a new track from the label boss himself.

Entitled ‘Freedom’, the track features vocalist Natalie Duncan, and sees the larger than life jungle legend return to one of the peaks of his beloved genres creative booms, seemingly drawing on his classic ‘Timeless’ album in the tracks epic, expansive styling.

METH100 is to be released on April 2 as a one track limited edition vinyl with a hand written statement from Goldie etched on the back., with the man himself saying:

“I’ve chosen the hardest things in the world to be involved in; graffiti and drum & bass. If you watch [classic New York hip-hop documentary] Style Wars you’ll see that the artists painting the trains of New York had their own visual language, something only they could decode. That’s what drum & bass was for us, a unique underground subculture. Metalheadz is one branch of that tree; the Wild Style of drum & bass.”

You can stream the first radio airplay of ‘Freedom’ below.