Meet X-II, The Mixtape Reincarnated For The Digital World

A Belgian research and design lab named beyond.io has designed a modern version of the classic mixtape for the smart phone users of today.

The idea of X-II (pronounced twelve) because it only contains 12 tracks, aims to introduce an element of scarcity and the actual physical transfer of an object from person to person, making the discovery of music valuable, social and tangible once again.

The concept of the tape is that after you have passed it on, you stay in the loop and can keep track of the journey the tape makes across the world. Every time a new person receives the tape and adds a new track, the oldest of the twelve tracks is dropped. This way, your continuing access to the tape becomes a way to discover music in an ever-changing twelve track playlist.

Watch a short video below demonstrating the app in use and get more information here.

X-II in 12 seconds from beyondio on Vimeo.