Meet Patatap, A Portable Animation and Sound Kit

A web app named Patatap is currently causing a stir across the internet. The “portable animation and sound kit” developed by Graphic Designer/Computer Programmer Jono Brandel in collaboration with musical composers Lullatone, turns your browser and keyboard into a highly responsive and melodic musical animation kit.

It’s a simple concept, similar to many others out there on the net, but this gorgeous piece of programming is executed with perfection. Featuring 6 packs of sound and colourful geometric animation, which the user can alternate between using the space bar, this is the ultimate procrastination tool with a wide range of creative possibilities. It’s aim to express the broader condition of Synesthesia, in which stimulation of one sensory input leads to automatic experiences It may even inspire a couple of average Joe’s to take-up music production.

Creator Brandel currently works as part of a Data Arts team in Google’s Creative Lab in California. His work has been showcased at Tate Modern, OFFF and other high profile art spaces. For more information visit his website.