Max Richter - SLEEP im Kraftwerk Berlin am 15.03.2016

Max Richter performed an 8 hour lullaby to people in beds last night

Possibly the world’s cosiest 8 hour set from the Max Richter Ensemble took place in Berlin last night.

Last night, from midnight to 8am, German-born British composer Max Richter took his Max Richter Ensemble to the stage of Kraftwerk, a former power station in Berlin which has been used for a number of performances and festivals, including last year’s Berlin Atonal. The ensemble performed ‘SLEEP’, an 8 hour lullaby, to an audience who were given beds for the duration of the piece. ‘SLEEP’ was written by Richter with “the genuine intention of sending the listener to sleep”, and was described by the composer himself as “a manifesto for a slower pace of existence.” Richter, who’ll be performing a string of live dates in the UK this May, even consulted prolific American neuroscientist David Eagleman while composing, to learn more about how the human brain functions while sleeping.

Here’s what Max Richter had to say on the performance last night:

“Thanks everyone for making the ‘SLEEP’ premiere such an amazing experience. We’ve been working on making this happen for a couple of years, and it’s been a thrill to finally make this voyage through the night with you, and to hear all your incredible feedback. I’m going to get some rest now, but I’m looking forward to the second night!”

Richter will be performing another late night set at Kraftwerk tonight, as well tomorrow (March 17).

Credit Mike Terry please (2)

Mike Terry

Please credit Mike Terry (2)

 Mike Terry

Max Richter’s Songs From Before will be remastered for heavyweight vinyl + CD released May 27 on Deutsche Grammophon.

Featured image: Stefan Höderath