Matrixxman To Drop Debut Album On Ghostly International

Charles Duff’s ‘Homesick’ will be out at the start of July.

After making waves over the last two years with a string of acclaimed releases for the likes of Fifth Wall and Ultramajic, Bay Area producer Matrixxman is now tabled to put out his debut album on Ghostly International 10th July. Entitled ‘Homesick’, the record is said to showcase the ‘futurist’ preoccupations of an artist who’s awakening to the world of House and Techno came when he received a Juan Atkins mix CD. Duff himself states how his interest in, “evolutionary transcendence”, informed the album’s conceptual foregrounding as a, ‘sci-fi epic’ which explores, ’emergent AI, interplanetary travel, neuroenhancement drugs, incredible opulence juxtaposed with abject poverty, leaving physical form and existing as data’, via a robust Techno sound pallette.

Twelve tracks long, ‘Homesick”s track titles, “correlate to distinct, separate scenes”, such as ‘Opium Den’, or ‘Packard Plant’ – a homage to the now abandoned former hub of Detroit industry of the same name. Duff sees the wider aim of the album as exploring the possibility of technology  allowing us to, “fully map out a human brain in its entirety within 30 years”, something which he feels will allow for the crossing of, “a rubicon into a new phase of human consciousness”. Whether that idea leaves your brain in a knot or otherwise, we can all enjoy the taut Acid pulsing of ‘Augmented’ – the first snippet from ‘Homesick’ available to hear below.


01. Necronomicon

02. Augmented

03. Red Light District

04. Packard Plant

05. Dejected

06. Network Failure

07. False Pattern Recognition

08. Opium Den

09. Annika’s Theme

10. HMU (Hit Me Up) (feat. Vin Sol)

11. Switchlade

12. Earth Like Conditions

‘Homesick’ will be released July 10th via Ghostly International.