Mary Anne Hobbs’ Weekend Breakfast Debuts Tomorrow

Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC 6 Music Weekend Breakfast show debuts tomorrow, Saturday 5th January.

When announcing her resignation from XFM Hobbs stated that “we made history by putting the electronic music that I love so much on a primetime platform for the very first time ever on radio, something I’ve always wanted to prove could be done. Much love and maximum respect to Blawan, Happa, Thefft and all the genius next generation producers who lit-up the show”.

Since the announcement of her move, there has been real buzz building in the lead up to her return to the BBC. Her BBC Radio 6 Music Weekend Breakfast Show will be broadcast between 7-10am every Saturday and Sunday morning and will play “a rich diversity of music of every texture, genre & era.” As stated on her blog the show will feature a range of musicians, artists, filmmakers, authors, actors, comedians, philosophers & scientists.

She continues, “I’m so excited to join a family with such depth and diversity of knowledge, pure passion and ingenuity. I look forward so much to the challenge of creating beautiful new programmes which embody the whole Spirit Of 6 and allow me to explore my passion for arts and culture on some fascinating new radio terrain.”

Check out the ‘Puzzling Preview’ below: