Martyn to Launch ‘Ghost People’ This September

Techno/Dubstep/Whatever enigma Martyn is set to launch his sophomore album ‘Ghost People’ in a secret London warehouse on the September 15.

The show will be a collaborative installation with London promoters Black Atlantic and visual artist Erosie who, like Martyn, shares a similar disregard for genre boundaries. The two artists view their work as symbiotic and with two great minds working together on this global project, we can expect something deeply immersive, a nice change from the regular black walls and smoke machine aesthetic.

Part pseudo-nostalgic longing for the olden days when the music mattered, and part bitter dig at the overwhelming abundance of hollow, trend following, Serato brandishing ’Ghost People’, it seems Martyn has something to say with this album, and is willing to put his neck on the line to say it.

In keeping with the current climate in bass music, Martyn informs us that the album is grounded in four-to-the-floor beats, however, those more in favour of a shuffle will be kept perfectly happy with Hyperdub label-boss Kode9, who will be playing a garage set, as well as dBridge, Manny Z and SP:MC on hand to provide support.

You can grab advance tickets for the show here and check out further work from Erosie here.