Martin Kemp re-releases four track EP on Akito’s Sans Absence label

Four previously unavailable tracks, now coming out via Akito’s Sans Absence label.

Brother of Brackles and Hyp 11 contributor (from all the way back in 2010), Martin Kemp featured regularly on Brackles and Mickey Pearce’s Blunted Robots imprint at the turn of the decade. He originally released the four tracks on his new Martin Kemp EP, ‘After The Night’ / ‘Fix’ / ‘Aztec’ / ‘No Charisma’, on Blunted Robots, but they’ve been unavailable since distribution company ST Holdings went into liquidation in 2014. Kemp’s now re-releasing them with help from Sans Absence boss and London DJ/producer, Akito.

To get a taste of what you might hear on the rest of the EP, have a listen to ‘Aztec’. Filled with agile, weaving melodies and taut percussion, it shines light on Kemp’s abilities to construct gripping and functional dance floor tracks. You can pre-order a copy of the EP at Juno, which is out this Friday April 29.