Manni Dee Interviews WANDA GROUP

Techno producer Manni Dee quizzes the enigmatic Opal Tapes producer

As part of a video documentary that was intended to be run alongside his multidimensional Ambient compilation ‘Life Between Screens’ for WotNot Music, London based producer Manni Dee set himself the task of video interviewing the artists featured on the compilation which includes Deft, Memotone, Alphabets Heaven and more. Sadly all the footage was destroyed except for this one interview with Opal Tapes’ WANDA GROUP who is well known for his vocalistic all caps activity on Twitter.

The ten minute interview features advanced slo-motion effects and spans topics including Techno, field recording seagulls and death. You can catch WANDA GROUP at the upcoming Opal Tapes night alongside Karen Gwyer, Patricia, Holovr and Basic House at Cafe Oto in London on Monday October 27th

Stream the video in full below

‘Life Between Screens’ is available to buy here now