ManMakeMusic Announce FOLD’s Debut Vinyl, ‘Slime’

George FitzGerald-run ManMakeMusic announce their second record of the year in FOLD’s solo debut on wax.

Since its 2011 inception ManMakeMusic has built up a respectable discography, through a select bunch of artists, releasing a fairly particular strand of house music. George FitzGerald himself set the tone with the lush ‘Fernweh’/’Hearts’, and since U, Natan H & Amy Jean, Trikk, Jack Dixon & Rick Grant, and Leon Vynehall have followed suit, fully establishing the imprint and its niche identity.

FOLD is no newcomer – as one-half of London deep house outfit Homepark – he has been releasing since 2010, and has also released as FOLD once, in the form of digital-only ‘Deployming’ on Tighten Up. This latest is a melodic house/techno crossover, perfectly suited to ManMakeMusic, and complete with an inventive remix by fellow Londoner Ethyl.

Buy from February 25.