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Luke Vibert’s First Amen Andrews Material In Nearly A Decade

If the recent spate of war dubs left you hanging in Jungle nostalgia, Luke Vibert’s return to his amen twisting moniker should provide you with a welcome Old School soundtrack.

The multi-faceted artist behind numerous aliases active since the early 90s has announced a surprise new forthcoming EP as Amen Andrews. Noted for work as Wagon Christ and Plug, as well as being an Aphex Twin collaborator, Vibert released a series of Jungle tracks as Amen Andrews on Rephlex Records in 2003 (see ‘100001’ below). Before now, 2006 was his last output under the title, an LP released from two of his aliases ‘Amen Andrewes vs Spac Hand Luck’.

His new EP, titled ‘News Of The World’ drops in just over a month on Falty DL’s Blueberry Records. It features four fiery Jungle tracks which will be released on digital and vinyl, described by a short but entertaining press release as ‘cut straight from the audio source using a special technique of firing a tek 9 automatic in the mastering suite’. 


1) ‘Automatic Truth’

2) ‘Amen HQ’

3) ‘News Of The World’

4) ‘Amotherfucker’

‘News Of The World’ is out on Blueberry Records on the 10th November. You can pre-order via Kudos.