Luke McMillan Releases ‘Lost, Forgotten And Disregarded’ Album

The rave legend prepares to unleash a batch of classic techno material under his more subdued moniker.

Luke McMillan is known to most as The DJ Producer, a permament fixture in the UK and European rave scene for the past two decades. Since bringing European techno sounds to raves such as Universe in the early 90s, he went on to become synonymous with the more punishing end of the spectrum, pioneering UK hardcore techno through a relentless touring schedule and releases on his own label Rebelscum and the genre-defining Deathchant.

It would seem, however, that Luke lost none of his passion for the more classic techno blueprint along the way, as he readies the release of a 14-track artist album under his given name, released Monday 11th March on Compulzion. ‘The Lost, Forgotton and Disregarded’ is a collection of unreleased tracks made between 1999 and 2005, showcasing dark, driving sounds that hark back to the golden era of UK techno. From the clinically executed melodics of ‘Backwash’ to the full-on warehouse assault of ‘Darken’, these are tracks that compete with the likes of Surgeon, The Advent and Dave Clarke at their best. Stream the album below and grab it here from Monday.