Lotide Releases Debut Album ‘Moonless’ On Astro:Dynamics

The Brooklyn-based artist drops a stunning 12-track debut on Astro:Dynamics.

Lotide is Devon Hansen, the California native now residing in NYC, who away from his own musical endeavours has created visual work for the likes of BNJMN and Shlohmo. Released this week on Luke Owen’s UK imprint Astro:Dynamics, ‘Moonless’ is his debut full-length release, a 12-track electronic collage that trips through psychedelic hip-hop instrumentation, beatless dreamscapes and jilted electronica. Fans of the likes of WANDA GROUP, Lukid and Dabrye should immediately pay attention.

Don’t sleep on the limited cassette release available alongside the digital version from the Astro:Dynamics Bandcamp page, and head over to Sonic Router where Lotide has just laid down a mix and interview. Hear one of our favourite album cuts ‘Diamond Plum’ below – you can stream the rest of the release and the entire Astro:Dynamics back catalogue via their Youtube channel.