Lone To Release ‘Galaxy Garden’ Album On R&S

Reinvigorated UK house man to release new long player through R&S this May.

Matt Cutler aka former instrumental hip-hop-man-gone-house Lone will release his fifth album via Belgium’s techno/electronica imprint R&S Records on May 7.

‘Galaxy Garden’ sees the UK producer “unearth new corners to the wunderkind, whilst maintaining his signature sound and cinematic overtones”, which we imagine means taking his keen ear for melody and his past attention to detail of past releases like the superb ‘Ecstasy & Friends’ and focussing that into his current Detroit/hardcore template.

You can preview the artwork and full tracklist below, as well as stream his superb lead single ‘Crystal Caverns 1991’, which comes backed with new track ‘Vulcan Mill Acid’, and will be released on March 26.

Lone – ‘Galaxy Garden’ Tracklist:
01. ‘New Colour’
02. ‘Animal Pattern’
03. ‘Out Run’s Splash Wave
04. ‘As A Child’
05. ‘Cthulhu’
06. ‘Lying in the Reeds’
07. ‘Dragon Blue Eyes’
08. ‘Crystal Caverns 1991’
09. ‘Raindance’
10. ‘Dream Girl/Sky Surfer’
11. ‘Earth’s Lungs’
12. ‘Spirals’