Lone returns with ‘Airglow Fires’

After nearly a year away from the spotlight, Lone returns to R&S next Monday 8th July. 

Moving away from the frenetic neon flecked stylings of last year’s ‘Galaxy Garden’ LP, this 12″ displays Matt Cutler’s continued search for progression whilst retaining the gorgeous melodies that have become his trademark.

The title track opens with ethereal sky leaning melodies and playfully shimmering keys, before giving way to lilting synth chords. Once the kick joins these parts, the track’s peak time credentials are emphatically confired, with the addition of what sounds like a sly J Dilla sample to punctuate proceedings, giving ‘Airglow Fires’ the signature Lone daub of personality.

‘Begin to Begin’ finds Lone on more somewhat more restrained form, yet the results are no less compelling. An ever so slightly syncopated kick provides the hypnotic framework upon which dulcet looped chords and a typically memorable lead line work their magic. As the track winds down a sampled voices asks, “Am I Dreaming? Am I Awake?”, a question we’re not sure we have an answer to.

Listen to the tracks below ahead of their release next Monday.