Local Action Release Surprise Artifact Album

The young Bristolian releases ‘Cologne Tracks’, a retrospective collection of tracks influenced by his time spent in the German city thoughout 2011/12.

Ryan Bonfield first appeared on Tom Lea’s Local Action Records late last year with the muscular ‘Worn’ EP, and now re-appears on the label with a surprise 11-track album. Recorded in Cologne whilst involved with work experience at an audio plugin studio, he spent his weekday evenings alone making music and “five days a week in a German talking office (they did speak English but not very often as we’re super busy) then partied in Cologne and Dusseldorf on weekends, which was awesome” – relayed when we contacted him earlier today. In this period a lot “personal stuff went on and was a turning point for me musically and personally.”

Throughout the 11-tracks he works with the footwork tempo in a variety of fractured experiments. If anything, this record is a fascinating insight into some of the most personal material released by Local Action and Artifact to date.

‘Cologone Tracks’ is now available via the Local Action Bandcamp. Simply head over and ‘name your price’