Lobster Theremin

Lobster Theremin Debuts With EP From Palms Trax

Lobster Theremin, the new label from two of the founders of London club night Streets of Beige, is to debut with an EP from Berlin’s Palms Trax. 

Streets of Beige is the nomadic East London night that has featured a wide range of top electronic artists since its inception in 2010, with everyone from Disclosure to 2562 playing the party. Feeling the time was ripe to branch out in to the domain of label ownership, two of the night’s founders; Jimmy Asquith and Jay Donaldson, decided to start the superbly named Lobster Theremin label. Armed with the intention to create a platform ‘for new and emerging international artists of a tougher aural leaning”, the vinyl only imprint will inaugurate itself with a 12″ from Donaldson as Palms Trax.

The eponymous track from the ‘Equation’ EP (which can be heard below), is a superb slice of House music which strongly references classic Midwestern US Sounds. From the rugged bass of the breakdown, to the tastefully applied vocal sample, to the gorgeous shimmering synth flourishes everything about this one seems to indicate it should be hammered by DJ’s of many different persuasions. The full release comes equipped with two more tracks, ‘Late Jam’ and ‘Houses in Motion’ plus a remix of ‘Late Jam’ from WT Records’ Willie Burns ( also known for his releases on L.I.E.S and Trilogy Tapes ).

With Asquith having gone on record to say the label is aiming for a release a month in 2014 it would be appear there could well be a new name for collectors of House vinyl to look out for.

The ‘Equation’ EP is out on Lobster Theremin on September 30th, you can pre-order it here.