slew show

Listen To Vintage Grime From Pay As U Go

A 2001 set featuring the legendary Pay As U Go Cartel has been posted on to Soundcloud. 

Uploaded by former member DJ Slimzee, the set on Rinse FM features members of the crew repeatedly sending for rival collective Heartless Crew in what has infamously become known as the ‘Slew Show’. Pay As U Go were one of the scene’s largest collectives and acted as a starting point for the likes of Wiley, Flowdan, Gods Gift, Maxwell D, Slimzee and Geeneus. They enjoyed their greatest crossover success with 2002’s ‘Champagne Dance’ which reached the Top 20 and saw the group perform on Top of the Pops. They soon disbanded however, and many of the members, most notably Wiley, went on to varying levels of commercial and underground success.

Given the recent renaissance of Grime, this set acts as both of a snapshot of a intriguing time for British urban music as well as an an hour and a half of ‘slewage’, this set is must download for any grime/garage fan.