WeTalkMusic episode 2

Listen to the second episode of WeTalkMusic with Julia Holter and Braids

The newly launched WeTalkMusic, introduced by WeTransfer as part of their new audio series, has unveiled a second episode.

The foundation for the project is to step away from traditional interviews with a new format that “digs into who artists are, and how that identity formed”. Whilst the first episode saw Ninja Tune stalwart Bonobo and Florida band Hundred Waters take the chair, the second sees Julia Holter and Braids’ Raphaelle Standell-Preston invited to come and discuss some of their favourite pieces of music, again hosted by Boiler Room’s Thristian.

You can listen below to the second interview in the series, recorded at FORM music and arts festival in Arcosanti, Arizona.

For more info on WeTalkMusic, head here.