Listen To The Bug’s Forthcoming Release On Acid Ragga

‘Can’t Take This No More’/’Rise Up’ to inaugurate new Ninja Tune offshoot label.

Multi-dimensional musician Kevin Martin, aka The Bug, is in charge of Acid Ragga, a sub-label to giant, Ninja Tune. The first release will drop on August 27, a 7″ vinyl and digital release featuring Daddy Freddy on one side, and Inga Copeland of Hype Williams and Hyperdub on the other.

The two vocalists vary greatly – Daddy Freddy‘s unmistakably high-energy, and preety much incomprehensible lyrics are full of the dark, dub tones The Bug has pushed for years. Whilst Inga Copeland floats atmospheric vocals on top of the hyperactive ‘riddim.’

Stream clips of both tracks below.