Watch Kuedo’s New Video

Watch the new sci-fi themed video to Kuedo’s ‘Ascension Phase’.

One of artists of 2011, and a long time mover on the UK’s underground, Jamie Teasdale aka. Kuedonow has an intriguing new video to accompany the ‘Severant’ album highlight ‘Ascension Phase’.

Directed by fellow Planet Mu artist Konx-Om-Pax and Sabrina Ratté, the video portrays a suitably futuristic world of advanced technologies and spiralling, morphing imagery, as a travelling orb surveys it’s retro-futurist climate. As Kuedo himself put it in the accompanying interview with Dazed: “I took the moving sphere to be a kind of post-human thing, but perhaps more in a transhuman way; like a digitized human entity, or soul symbol.”

More excitingly still is news that Planet Mu will release ‘Work, Live & Sleep in Collapsing Space’, a new Kuedo EP that features omitted tracks from the album, plus remixes from Laurel Halo and Claude Speed, released on June 18. Watch the ‘Ascension Phase’ video in full below.