rabit sunshowers

Listen To Clips From Rabit’s New EP

Clips of the new ‘Sunshowers’ EP from Texan based Grime producer Rabit have become available.

Coming on Diskotopia, the Japanese label which has hosted releases from other members of Grime’s new wave such as Visionist and Slackk, the four track EP is slated for release on 7th October. The title and lead track shows off the same bare-bones Eski indebted swagger that dominated Rabit’s ‘Double Dragon’ EP from earlier in the year, whilst ‘Levels’ bangs with jackhammer intensity. ’40 Below’ pares down the details whilst raising up the atmosphere as tribal drums reverberate amidst bassweight and reassuringly old school broken glass sound effects. The final cut sees the producer from the Lone Star state employing sullen synths that sound like they could have come straight out of E3 a decade ago. With ‘Sunshowers’ sounding like its set to continue Rabit’s excellent 2013, it would appear the producer has a big future ahead of him.

Even casual followers of grime will by now be aware of the quickfire surge in popularity of ‘War Dubs’ which happened towards the end of last week. Not wanting to be left out, Rabit has confirmed on Twitter that he will be clashing Breen on SubFM‘s ‘War Dubz 2’ Show This Thursday alongside Mella Dee, Arctic, Filter Dread and Dark O amongst others.