rashad & spinn

Listen To A New Mix From Rashad & Spinn

21 track opus from Chicago’s juke/footwork masters.

As representatives of the deep musical heritage hailing from their native Chicago, DJs Rashad and Spinn have so far been synonymous with the rise of ghetto house and juke/footwork, so we’re pleased to see the internet throw up a new studio mix from the pair, that outlines a wealth of material from Rashad’s Lit City Trax.

Spinning through 21 tracks in just over 45 minutes, this is hard, fast juke music made for the parking lots and disused gyms that originally spawned the genre (though your headphones might just about do it justice), with an array of tracks from both producers, plus work from some of the scenes staple names like DJ Manny and DJ Kid, not to mention Rashad’s own refix of Addison Groove‘s superb club cut ‘Sexual’.

Download on the player below, and don’t forget to check out the Chicago duo alongside Egyptian Lover, DJ Stingray, Om Unit, Drums of Death, South London Ordnance and more at our huge party with Wavey Tones on April 21 – more details here.

DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – ‘We Trippy Mane Part 1’ Tracklist:
01. DJ Rashad – Welcome to the Chi [LIT CITY TRAX]*
02. DJ Manny – I Can’t Explain [LIT CITY TRAX]
03. DJ Rashad – Fly Spray 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]*
04. DJ Rashad – Well Well Well [LIT CITY TRAX]*
05. DJ Manny & DJ Kidd – Hold My Dick [LIT CITY TRAX]
06. DJ Earl – H.A.M. [LIT CITY TRAX]
07. DJ Rashad ft. RP Boo – All Across The World [LIT CITY TRAX]
08. DJ Rashad – We Run This Shit [LIT CITY TRAX]*
09. DJ Manny – We So Banned Up [LIT CITY TRAX]
10. DJ Manny – Off The Wall [LIT CITY TRAX]
11. DJ Rashad – Chicago [LIT CITY TRAX]*
12. DJ Spinn – Golden Kush [LIT CITY TRAX]
13. DJ Spinn – Smoke Dat Shit [LIT CITY TRAX]
14. DJ Spinn – She A Bad Girl [LIT CITY TRAX]
15. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny – Gettin It [LIT CITY TRAX]
16. DJ Rashad – Walk For Me 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]*
17. Addison Groove vs DJ Rashad – Sexual (Juke Refix)
18. DJ Spinn – For A 5 Dolla Bag [LIT CITY TRAX]
19. DJ Rashad – CCP 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]*
20. DJ Manny & DJ Spinn – What You Need [LIT CITY TRAX]
21. DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – We Trippy Mane [LIT CITY TRAX]*