Lil Silva Behind The Second Club Constructions Volume

Night Slugs’ recently inaugurated Club Constructions project delivers its second edition; courtesy of Lil Silva.

The aim of the venture is simple; in the label’s own words ‘CC is all about stripped-back, raw and highly functional tracks made specifically for the club.’ Lil Silva doesn’t take the Club Constructions theme quite as literally as L-Vis 1990 did, but instead turns out three tracks heavily-grime-infected, broken beat tracks.

Possibly London’s equivalent to northern bassline, Lil Silva‘s sound hovers between funky, garage and grime; full of percussion and never minimal. In ‘Shutter’ he uses his trademark samples, working them around a 4×4 pulse, but still keeping creativity where L-Vis 1990 opted for pure functionality. Similarly in ‘Quest’ and ‘The 3rd,’ there are always little whistles and snares keeping the dancefloor energy throughout. Night Slugs chose an ideal producer for this job; available from June 28.

Stream clips of the three tracks below.