Leisure System Come To Corsica Studios

After 3 years of ground breaking, forward thinking line ups at legendary techno destination, Berghain, the anglophiles over at Leisure System are coming back to Corsica Studios for the second time. They say the trip is  to celebrate their new label, Leisure System Records (though the imprint dropped it’s second release a month ago), which basically a good excuse for a change of scenery and all the more good music for UK fans.

The line up is undoubtedly a special one, with the majority of acts having crossed the Atlantic to perform live. Never ones to stick to a typically German sound, Leisure System are once again pulling out the stops.

Jacques Green is on top of the game right now, with his recent slew of future anthems, and high profile remix duties, and we’re most excited to see what Nguzunuguzu throw at us this weekend. Their mixes over the past couple of years have caused more hype than many a good EP or album. Always pushing things forward but with a foot stuck firmly in the heyday of commercial R&B and hip hop, these guys have hit the nail on the head. You can preview the the second rtelease on Liesure System Records below, and check the Facebook event for tickets and more info.

EPROM – ‘Feldspar / Psycho’