Lee Jones To Release Moose Mingles EP On Aus Music

Lee Jones is set to return to Aus Music with ‘Moose Mingles’ ep, featuring remixes from thriving UK talents George Fitzgerald & Midland.

Jones has been around for a minute now, whether releasing music with Nick Hoppner under the My My guise or as Lee Jones, the combined releases have spanned a variety of labels including Ben Klock’s Ostgut Ton, Liebe*Detail, City Fox and Aus Music. Next up on the agenda for Jones is a cutting-edge eight-track release that includes six original cuts (four digital only).

Lead track ‘Moment’ is a bass-driven, house roller that casually flirts with jazz influences, whilst encorporating the swung syncopation of classic garage riddims. George Fitzgerald provides a remix that’s about as straight-up house as he goes and absolutely nails it in he process. ‘Duvel’ is s characteristically strange Jones production, full of deep electro stabs and swollen bass. Midlands contribution (a remix of Duvel) standardly defies genre classification, with his awesome trademark sound. For the digital only package Jones put’s a fresh twist on the ‘Moment’ and provides three more potential dance-floor weapons.

The ‘Moose Mingles’ EP is released via Aus Music on December 5th. You can preview preview clips of the release here.

Lee Jones – ‘Moose Mingles’ EP Tracklist:
A1: Moment
A2: Moment (George Fitzgerald Remix)
B1: Duvel
B2: Duvel (Midland Remix)
Digi Only: Westworld
Digi Only: Splange
Digi Only: Uhrsome
Digi Only: Moment (Alt Version)