lee gamble vid

Lee Gamble Soundtracks Short Fashion Film

The experimental British producer has supplied the music for a new video.

In what seems like a match made in avant-garde heaven, P.A.N affiliated producer Lee Gamble has applied his considerable musical talents to a short sci-fi influenced film. Entitled ‘Psy-Active Mutation’, the clip is being launched by acclaimed photographer Nick Knight’s Show Studio platform to promote the Spring/Summer 2015 collection from lifestyle brand Perks and Mini.

Shot in real time by director Misha Hollenbach using VHSC handycam, the film tell the story of ‘human transcendence’ through a loose narrative in which, ‘a human ‘alien’ is found on a distant planet, embalmed, and sent off into the ‘next life’, shining and enlightened.’ Gamble’s soundtrack meanwhile, is perfectly in tune with the grainy aesthetic of the clip, and leads on neatly from the esoteric atmosphere of his most recent full length ‘KOCH’.