Zwei komma sieben Hyponik

Latest Copy Of Zweikommasieben Features Andy Stott, The Haxan Cloak, Truss & Tessela

The ninth edition of the Swiss-based electronic music journal is available to buy online now

The ninth edition of Zweikommasieben, which translates to ‘Two Comma Seven Magazine’, features a mixture of long-form journalism, interviews, art and illustrations including contributions from Andy Stott, The Haxan Cloak, Truss & Tessela, Helena Hauff, Ensemble Economique & AUN, Terranova, Call Super and Vatican Shadow. The 108 page soft backed-book reads in both German and English and features an open-backed binding.

The theory behind the journal, according to it’s website is to deal with the present, “Because the past is no more and the future does not exist, ‘until they are experienced as something present.'”

With a new English website in the works, we’re excited to see more from the publication in the future.


The magazine is available to buy now here.