Lapalux New Press Shot

Lapalux Gives Us ‘The Hours’

The Essex beat-wizard gives away ‘The Hours’ via his Soundcloud page

We’ve been fans of Essex-based producer Stuart Howard since hearing the beautifully decayed and experimental sound design and beats of his 2008 ‘Forest EP’. Since the last time we chatted with Lapalux he has released the mesmerising ‘When You’re Gone’ EP on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder, rooting himself firmly within their family tree.

In anticipation of his next EP on Brainfeeder, Howard has treated us to ‘The Hours’, an truly empyrean piece of music that features his trademark side-chained rip-curls of synth, lashings of multi-coloured haze and quaint vocal serenities; all fused together into that off-kilter, boom-bap loveliness.

Grab your download via the player.