Lando Kal Returns To Hotflush For Next Release

West Coast producer, Lando Kal, is back with another two quality cuts for Hotflush.

In typical style, Lando Kal infuses characteristics of techno, house and R&B in creating two dark tracks ‘Rhythm Sektion’ and ‘Inquisition.’ The first mentioned track, is a moody dancefloor piece peppered with infectious sampling and almost off-key bass notes, perfectly fitting the ethos of Scuba’s Hotflush imprint. ‘Inquisition’ delivers a more stuttered, acid sound; hinting at influence from his now home, Berlin.

With a release date set for April 9, in the meantime you can watch out for snippets of forthcoming album on Monkeytown, as duo Lazer Sword (alongside fellow producer Low Limit).

Check the artwork for ‘Rhythm Sektion’ / ‘Inquisition’ below.