Lakosa & Rick Grant - 'Core / Tambourine'

Lakosa & Rick Grant Next In Line For 2nd Drop Records

Midlands producer Lakosa and TAKE Records’ Rick Grant collaborate on the latest offering from the South London label.

Following last year’s 5th birthday celebrations, 2nd Drop have settled comfortably into the next chapter of their journey, launching their Future Foundations compilation series and releasing Djrum’s stunning debut LP ‘Seven Lies’ – 2013 is already shaping up to be another defining year for the label. Their next transmission comes from two rising talents of the UK house scene and is something of a curveball considering the labels previous output, but nevertheless maintains the high standards set throughout their 6 years in operation.

Lakosa and Rick Grant – who are no strangers to this website (see here and here) – combine on two cuts of high-grade house. ‘Core’ is a moody piece of 4×4 that drip feeds dubby techno flavours into the mix – strangely infectious. ‘Tambourine’ is a tad lighter and more immediate but another meditative construction that offers more with each visit.

Artwork comes from the talented Boya, last seen gracing South London Ordnance’s debut release on 2nd Drop. Check the rest of her work out here: http://www.zipporalux.com/

Stream clips of both tracks below.

Released 17th June 2013