L-Vis 1990 To Drop ‘Ballads’ EP On Night Slugs

The Night Slugs boss readies a statement-making 3-track EP, released next week on the label.

In the 18 months since his disappointing 2011 debut album ‘Neon Dreams’, L-Vis 1990 has kept his artistic focus on the dancefloor, albeit in the forward-thinking manner typical of the Night Slugs imprint he helms alongside Bok Bok. Last year’s ‘Club Constructions Vol.1′ EP on the label was a big middle finger to those who panned his full-length, unfurling five metallic club bangers imported straight from year 3000 Chicago. More recently he stepped up for Clone Records’ ‘Jack For Daze’ series, with the ‘Circuits’ EP delving further into a synthesis of future-retro jacking club trax.

For the forthcoming ‘Ballads’ EP L-Vis has ditched the structure and obvious influences of his recent output, but stayed firmly rooted in a barren, futurist realm. ‘Ballad 4D’ is pure claustrophobia, a track lead by a merciless bass tone that takes you to the depths of the deepest ocean trench, whilst ‘Not Mad’ is a wild amalgamation of claps, giggles and stabs that somehow forms a coherent groove. The final cut ‘Signal’ is minimalism at its most effective – an intense reduction of bleeps, clicks and bass designed to keep the dancefloor on its toes and the listener on edge. The EP is released April 2nd on Night Slugs – stream clips below and pre-order here.