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Kode9, Zed Bias, Swindle, Joker, Bok Bok and More On The New Hardrive Compilation

Hardrive boss Terror Danjah announces CD and digital compilation release for March 25.

Entitled ‘Terror Danjah Presents Hardwired’, the compilation combines the new generation of grime artists associated with labels such as Butterz, Formula, and also Hardrive, with some of the most established names in the scene, bringing together Joker, Swindle, Bok Bok, Kode9, Champion, Zed Bias, Royal-T and more.

There are 18-tracks tracks, both previously released and exclusive. Four from the Hardrive label back catalog appear: Joker & Terror Danjah‘s take on the formers’ ‘Gully Brook Lane’, Champion‘s ‘Lose Control’, Bok Bok‘s remix of Mz Bratt‘s ‘Selecta’, and Royal-T‘s of ‘Full Attention’. The tracklist also includes a new collaboration between Terror Danjah and Zed Bias, a nine-minute grime-to-jungle PJam VIP, and a FaltyDL remix of ‘Zumpi Huntah’.

Catch Terror Danjah at our next Hyponik event at Birthday on March 22. Stream a sampler, see tracklist and artwork below.

‘Terror Danjah Presents Hardwired’ full tracklisting:
1. Terror Danjah – Full Attention (Royal-T Remix) [Previously Released HDR006]
2. Joker & Terror Danjah – Gully Goon Estate [Previously Released HDR002]
3. Champion – Lose Control [Previously Released HDR003]
4. PJam – Arizona Skyz VIP
5. Swindle – Funktion
6. D.O.K – Cardio
7. Teddy Music – Sambucca
8. D.O.K – Sidedok
9. Zed Bias & Terror Danjah – Iceberg History
10. Kode 9 – Ice
11. Champion – Yardman
12. PJam – Insomnia
13. Mz Bratt – Selecta (Bok Bok Remix) [Previously Released HDR005]
14. D.O.K – Golden Eye
15. Swifta Beater – Move
16. D.O.K – Tomorrow Never Dies
17. Lex Envy – Hard Candy
18. Terror Danjah – Zumpi Huntah (Falty DL Refunk)