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Kirkis Signs To Eglo

Eglo Records have signed Australian musician Kirkis as the latest signing to their label, with an album due in early 2014. 

The album, entitled ‘Liverbleach’, will be preceded by the 7″ single ‘Worm Jelly/Oh Serene Zoltar’, although release dates for both remain unconfirmed for the moment. The signing of Kirkis appears to be another interesting move by the perpetually varied label, with his frazzled idiosyncratic music stubbornly avoiding any easy classification. The label has thus far only released a trailer of ‘Liverbleach’ ( which can be watched below ), a short one which finds Kirkis’ hyperactive, multi dimensional music accompanied by perplexing optical illusions.

Those wishing to sink their teeth into Kirkis before he makes his bow for Eglo can download his last album, ‘Purplefruit For X-Ray Vision’ for free over on Bandcamp. A melting pot described by the artist himself as, ‘future jazz punk thrash glitch bitch’, the album is a nice taster of what lies in store when his LP with Eglo drops next year.