King Midas Sound Ready ‘Without You’

King Midas Sound’s impressive debut album ‘Waiting For You’, released in late 2009, re-arranged the terrain of Hyperdub. Now it returns as ‘Without You’, transformed by a wealth of thoughtfully chosen collaborators.

Produced by highly respected Kevin Martin and featuring fresh vocal interpretations and reworks from a bounty of talent including, Cooly G, Flying Lotus, Kode9, Hype Williams and Mala to name just a few.

Beginning with a glitchy waltz rework of ‘Goodbye Girl’ by Kuedo, ‘Without You’ continues through a spectrum of reinterpretations across a fifteen tracks course ranging from dancehall induced rhythms, synth funk arcade reminiscences and intimate vocal infusions, closing with a hard-hitting dub rework of ‘Cool Out’ by Ras G. This is an enchanting release that oscillates between maintaining the ties to its root original and exploring an entirely separate dimension.

King Midas Sound ‘Without You’ is released via Hyperdub on November 2nd.

1. Goodbye Girl – Kuedo rework
2. Without You – D-Bridge revoice
3. Lost – Flying Lotus rework
4. Earth A Kill Ya – Gang Gang Dance rework
5. Tears – Kiki Hitomi revoice
6. Spin Me Around – Cooly G revoice
7. Goodbye Girl – Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe rework
8. Say Somethin’ – Joel Ford revoice
9. Lost – Nite Jewel rework
10. Sumtime – Hype Williams rework
11. Meltdown – Kode 9/Spaceape rework
12. Earth A Kill Ya – Mala rework
13. Goodbye Girl – Deep Chord presents Echospace rework
14. Come and Behold – Green Gartside revoice
15. Cool Out – Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program rework